German marriage certificate 1990 & authentication versus Las Vegas divorce 2006 based on false information.

It`s not of importance or relevance anymore if I am married or not…it´s about dealing with the sale, rent and the provit out of the conjugal property, money so to speak. In other words…Mae Cavanah`s scam started already 2006 and it´s still going on.

Marriage certificate 1990, Friday 13th

Authentication Germany 2013, page 1

Authentication Germany 2013, page 2

Verification by the Philippine Consulate, Germany 2014

2014, Recognition Request of divorce at the Supreme Court

in the state of Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany

Requesting the divorce papers from Mae Ruthe



The request from the Supreme Court in the state of Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany to hand over / present the Las Vegas divorce papers was ignored by Mae Cavanah.

Shown below are the Las Vegas divorce papers. Those papers were received 2011. I received only page 1 and page 11 to sign in 2006. If I would have received all I would not have signed this divorce papers. Each of all those pages should have been signed one by one with initials ( Paraphe ) individually.


page 1

page 6

page 10

page 2

page 7

page 11

page 4

page 8


Page1: I was not married in BURG but in Barmstedt, Germany.

Page 3 : Plaintiff pays US$ 200 monthly for child support. ( US$ 200 where received very irregulary, if any ) Under German law it would be around EUR 500 for 2 children. But Mr. Jones first. He got US$ 1000 monthly for a faked marriage.

Page 7: Community Property…“NOT APPLICABLE“…what a joke, we had 4 properties by that time.

Page 11: „Defendant in proper person“… I was not present in court, cause I was not in the USA 2006 but in 2009..



page 5

page 9

page 3