September 2018

Conversation with our youngest son Miguel concerning the regulation of conjugal property with Mae Cavanah

I have a request…I was told last week that ur mother sold our house in Yumbing for 5 million pesos…please tell her,
that I expect 50% of the sale and 50% of the 2 years or so rent of Typhooncrazy. I have contacted her already via e-mail,
but no reply. I do not expect an answer…just tell her. This is kind of importent.

I understand
ill let her know u want your fair share

Hi Mig…does she know now?

she knows
Unfortunetly she doesnt think the same way

I see…can u please copy and paste what she was writing regarding my request

Mae Cavanah:
Me and Brett already offered him money before but he won’t accept and took it too far to destroy me lically and internationaly.
He took it too far and I said nothing. Now the court granted me exclusive possesion of that house and he know’s that too.
I have nothing to say, to do anything, or to give to him. I have said nothing to destroy him to you and Emmanuel and I will leave it to that..
He is long past and deleted in my life. Only you and Emmanuel plus Andrew is all that I’m living for. Please accept this my dear Miguel. Salamat.




There was an offer indeed. 1 million Peso out of the price tag 3.6 million Peso for the house and property, Less than 30%.

  1. No offer from Brett Cavanah
  2. I had no idea, that the court granted her exclusive possesion of that house. How could I? Never got any information from any court or Mae Cavanah. Still wonder what kind of lies she used to obtain it. Will find out one day.
  3. She is living only for Miguel, Emmanuel and Andrew? What a joke. History shows different. I will come to that later again.

Mae Cavanah the " Professional Entrepreneur "

What is a Professional Entrepreneur?
A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Yes, she is a Professional Entrepreneur. She hopes for profit without any financial risks, since she is using other peoples ( husbands ) money.  So she can´t lose.

Example: open up a discotheque next to a cemetery is not a good idea. Not in Puerto Galera and not on Camiguin Island. But hey wait, she had a SPA near Los Angeles.


Mae Cavanah studied at the UNIVERSITY of SANTO TOMAS

Mae Cavanah never studied at the UNIVERSITY of SANTO TOMAS

.., she has a HIGH school degree…maybe.

Later on she studied at Silahis International Hotel at the Playboy Club in Manila.

She was a beautiful, nice bunny. There she met her first husband.

I was trapped later.



March 2018

2018 and stll married to…

Mae Ruthe or Cavanah?

…it´s confusing, isn´t it?

Copy of Authentication of Marriage in Germany 2018