2nd February 2015

Info about my arrival in Camiguin & one of many proposals to settle that matter.

Reaction of Mae Cavanah. Motion to reissue a BPO.

Temporary or Permanent, what a joke. Does my E-mail sounds threatining?


§3. The assessment was a joke, far away from the Peso 3.6 million which Mr. Roger Chui had offered in 2013.

§4. Barraging  Mae Cavanah constantly with harassing e-mails? Lie.

§5. I am not posting stuff but facts and yes I warned her that I will make those facts public.


§5. See my e- mail on the left

§6. I heard that arguments and accusations before January 16, 2013 and June 20, 2014. I harass Mae Cavanah emonially, psychologically and physically? It´s rather the other way around.

§7. The rightfull interest should have been based on the Peso 3.6 million offer from 2013  by that time.