Documents 2014


Medical Certificate 28 March 2014

Police Report from 28 March 2014


Mae Cavanah ignored the agreement which both of us had signed at Police Station in Mambayao 2013 and got violent.

That what´s really happened 2014 on March 27, contrary to Mae Cavanah`s lies in the Petition for a Barangay Protection Order under § 14

Minutes of hearing at the Barangay Hall

concerning the incident 2014 on March 27

contrary to her statement in the Petition for a B.P.O. § 14

inflicting injuries upon my person by Mae Cavanah


2014, June 20

Petition to get a Barangay Protection Order



§06.  Petitioner was / is still married to Karl- Heinz Ruthe by that time.
§07. Petitioner ( Mae Cavanah ) never asked me to leave the house. Son Emmanuel was not forced out of the house but had to leave for a certain reason. Son Emmanuel apologized later at a hearing at the Barangay office for his mis- behaviour.
§08. Mrs. Rana had a renting contract for the house. Not only the petitioner ( Mae Cavanah ) but about another 10 people of her group were sleeping on the floor, which in fact they did for a couple of days.
§09. now its getting interesting…no history of violence, that’s just a story to get the Barangay Protection Order                                   §09a. we lived at Kalaws place… no violence whatsoever, neither verbal or physical
§09b.  we lived in Tabinay… no violence whatsoever, neither verbal or physical
§09c. during that time petitioner ( Mae Cavanah ) went into a relationship and lived together in Mindorro, Puerto Galera with an Austrian Citizen, named Hermann Rauzi, taking our sons with her … but even then … no violence whatsoever, neither verbal or physical

§9d.  correct, I burned most of her clothes which I had paid for, but gave her 20.000 Pesos again to buy new.
When I get really upset I shift my anger away from a person “damaging stuff instead” and I have to admit sometimes destroying things”.
§9e. I´m keeping a scar on my left lower wrist and left temple. Mae Cavanah used a knife and china, porcelain to attack me. I had simply to protect myself. She wanted more money…I denied…Mae Cavanah freaked out.
We did not agree in 1999 to separate, we moved to Dumaguete, better school facilities, where I rented an app. for the family paying rent 200.000 Peso in advance. During that time she started a relationship with a Canadian Citizin in Manila. After I left for Germany she moved to Dumaquete with the Canadian and then back to Camiguin, living together with that Canadian fellow in our house in Yumbing. But before Mae Cavanah went back to Camiguin she tried to get back the advance payment from the rent. Luckily the lessor Mr. Yoldi did not agree.
Frequently quarrels during her affair with the Canadian and Mae Cavanah became a daily problem. She wanted money which he didn´t have.
Later the Canadian citizen was arrested in Camiguin for illegal possession of drugs.

I have not returned to Camiguin for a long time because I was a single father in Germany, taking care of the education of our 2 sons.
Also petitioner has not spend much time in Camiguin since she was living part time until 2004 in Germany and the US.
§10. completely wrong, what a joke.
§11. there was water access outside the kitchen, I did not lock the kitchen door, someone of Mae Cavanahs group did and no key was found.
§12. I was visiting my sons and my wife in the US 2009 and 2010, we were staying together at her brothers house . No violence whatsoever, neither verbal or physical but lots of Tequila.

§13. see Comments § 07
27th. March 2014:
I did not try to drive her out of the house and property. By that time I was living in the house of Vilma Rana in Bugong. What really happened you can check here. I just gave her a visit to clear up the situation. There was no conversation at all but violence from Mae Cavanah. Extorting large amounts of money??? LIE. House has been build solely by Mae Cavanah??? LIE


July 1, 2014

Opposing the issuance of the Temporary and Permament Protection Order