12th August 2015

… when I was back in Germany

Comment: This resolution was basically based upon the cases 2013, 2014, 2015 e.g. which have been shown here before. The difference is / was that I was out of the country and was unable to attend the court in person to give my site of the accusations made by Mae Cavanah. Anyway I tried to get a schedule to face those charges ( see below ) but unfortunately did not get an answer on it. Since I did not get a schedule I decided not to travel to the Philippines in 2015 and take the risk that Mae Cavanah will delay the proceedings again to avoid a clarification or / and a rectification of that matter.

Sometime in 2016 Mae Cavanah called to inform me that because of this resolution an Arrest Warrent was issued for me. Since I am / was not sure about if she playing games or if that was in fact the truth I also decided not to go to the Philippines in 2016 but asking again for s schedule of the hearing in 2017, which was unanswered again.


5th September 2015

Comment: Unanswered

6th & 10th November 2015