4th May 2015


No comment needed.

§2. FALSE: Mae Cavanah lived a seperate live because since 2005 she lived most
of the time in US while I took care of our boys in Germany. Emotional pain? Unbearable abuses? Mae Cavanah is completely nuts.

§4. FALSE: The Temporary Protection Order was dismissed by the court.
§5. FALSE: No violent behaviour, no force by entering our premises in Yumbing.
§6. WRONG: Mae Cavanah needs protection? From whom ? I am not a threat I am just there, present. Stay away from immediate families? Look here. Friends? Mae Cavanah has no friends…only when she needs them.



I said it before and I say it again:
§1. FALSE: By that time I was not seperated from Mae Cavanah for 10 years.
Maybe Mae Cavanah forgot the times when we were together in Los Angeles.

…more pics will follow..if needed.

§7. FALSE: No force used to enter the conjugal property. By now everyone knows that Mae Cavanah
is an indecent woman. I did not called her BITCH, even Mae Cavanah is one.
§8. FALSE: Coerse her, no I was asking and maybe demanded.
§9. FALSE: Not forcibly entered. Cams were not destroyed but the lenses sprayed. It is correct that
I sprayed the right site, my site of the conjugal vehicle with the words FUCK YOU.
§10. Mae Cavanah wants money.

Whenever I went to our conjugal property I did this with a friend of mine, who was always waiting
outside the premises but close enough to listen and watch as well as the neighbours.


Pableo and his wife were not only employed, I considered them always as part of the family.
§1. How many years?
§2. „their residence“?
§3. His rememberence is „perfect“.
I dont drink beer.
The Coffee I was bringing from Bugong.
§4. FALSE: I sprayed…not destroyed.
§5: poor Pableo..no force…spied?..to big???
§6: Aggressive?…I understand u Pableo…if you dont say what Mae Cavanah want you to say, you and your wife will get fired and have no income. We call this: Statements forced by „depending“ on someone.

7th & 9th May 2015

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