8th April 2015

This Barangay Protection Order is basically the same as the one from 16th March 2015

Yes indeed, the mediation on April 7, 2015 was not successful. Her testimony that “ I will come with friends and take over the house“ is false again, simply another lie. What really happened was this:
1.Mae Cavanah presented a paper, her draft of a settlement which stated that she will offer 700.000 Pesos but since she has NO money now, she would pay in installments which was not even precisely explained how and when those payments would be made. No mention about the hardwood trees from our conjugal property in Camiguin which had been cut and used in the building and or construction of the resort THE VIEW CAMIGUIN.
No mention of transfering the Puerto Galera title to our sons. After I tried to keep her draft as evidence and put it online on SHITHAPPENS.com, she freaked out and tored the draft out of my hands to avoid that the draft would be used online, so people could see it. That mediation took place at the huge municipality hall in Cadayan D`Oro city. 100 or so people were present at the time when she started screaming and freaking out.
2. The Website SHITHAPPENS.com was already online since 2013, so nothing new about it.
3. The review about the resort was not bad but negative, my view about the design and style. The business is not successful until now.
Anyway, Mae Cavanah´s proposal was unacceptable, the mediation a waste of time.

9th April 2015


Kindergarden situation.

10th & 11th April 2015

The 2 photos on the right are showing how I entered the conjugal property by force, using the 2 finger technique.

13th & 15th April 2015


21st April 2015

Yes, I sprayed the 2 words FUCK YOU on my side of our conjugal property, in this case a Suzuki van. Many people liked it.

My request from April 11, 2015 was ignored as well as the agreement from April 4, 2014 … so I had no choice but to take action.